“An action-packed dark comedy”

Ever since cloning dinosaurs became the cheap, cool way to build a theme park there have been lots of them cropping up. Luckily, this one still had a position open for your summer job! Little Dino Park is a place of fun for the whole family, built with safety in mind. Finally, a summer job that you can really sink your teeth into!

“What if Jurassic Park gave summer jobs to disaffected teens?”

This is a choice-based game that should only take 30-ish minutes to experience fully. A walk-through for the puzzles is forthcoming, and this page may receive updates for grammar, bug fixes, and minor rewrites or additions.

“Thrills, chills, and the omnipresent threat of violent death.”

Written by Seth Paxton and Rachel Aubertin in Ink over the course of 30 days, submitted to IFComp 2020. Version 1.01 has been updated from the jam with bugfixes.

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This was soo cool!! I died 4 times!!! haha but I had a great time and ended up saving 2 people. That's better than none haha

Nice job! The deaths can also be an achievement, but what's important is the dinosaurs we met along the way