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Gather round the campfire for 5 tales of blood curdling horror! This grizzly collection of new, creepy tales are all entwined with the ferocity of the wild. What monstrosity will you find howling under the full moon? What will you do to survive the night?

Our storytellers already have your scent, choose your path through each tale carefully. Originally created in a month for Themed Horror Jam 7.

Luis Enrique Lopez
Ghost Clown
Jeff Harman
Seth Paxton

GhostBear - UE Blueprints, VFX, Misc.
Jacen Priest (twitter) - Character Artist
Amorphous - 2D Artist, UI Designer
Benjamin Gear - Composer

Written in Ink
Built in Unreal Engine

Performance Controls: use 'Page Up' and 'Page Down' to increase or decrease your graphical level, or 'Home' to go to default.


Feral_CampfireCollection.zip 210 MB

Development log


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This game was amazing! Loved every aspect of it!

Thank you!

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This game was extremely well put together and the stories were really entertaining and articulate. 10/10

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Thank you!

You're welcome

This was really awesome! Great work to all of you!

Thank you!

Amazing work!

:D  Everyone on this project put forth a lot of effort - thank you for playing!

It was a good narrative game 

d( ̄ω ̄〃)

Thank you ♪(´▽`)

cool story

Nice video! Thank you for playing