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The House of the Dread is a single-session role-playing campaign, where players choose a Profession and go ghost hunting. However, players also acquire Menaces that will force them to pull from the Tower of Dread as they explore, and if the tower falls then that player is dead for the rest of the game. Not that being dead means you can't play, sometimes death is only the beginning.

Dread is a horror role-playing game that uses a tower of blocks for all potential player actions - no dice, no stats. If a player makes a pull from the tower and places it back on top, they succeed, choose not to pull and they fail. If the tower ever falls, that player dies.

This campaign was written to be easy to play, for first time role-players and first time Hosts alike.

To Play:

  • One player is the Host (like a Dungeon Master)
  • Everyone else controls a single character they create
  • Print out the campaign notes, Character Sheets, and Menace/Item cards
  • Uses a block tower (typically called Jenga)
  • Best for 4-6 players (not a hard limit)
  • Roughly 3 hours to play, broken into 3 acts and character creation
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TagsBoard Game, Co-op, Horror, LGBT, Meaningful Choices, Multiplayer, Multiple Endings, supernatural, suspense, Violent
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House of the Dread - Campaign Notes 316 kB
Character Creation Printouts 75 kB
Menaces & Items Printouts 80 kB


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Really looking forward to running this one in October!

So that means... IF I LOSE, I DIE!?


Dread games remove players from the game if the Tower of Dread falls, usually through death or insanity. This campaign has options for players to interact with the game after their character has met a final fate, for better or worse (: