Sunday Patch Day: OST, Cover Art, and more

I've taken a short step back, assessed the things I'd like to accomplish with Mermaids of Ganymede and I think we're in good shape. The Sunday patch cadence also works well since I usually have more dev time over the weekends, so expect that for future weeks.

Big news: Joseph has published the Mermaids of Ganymede: Original Soundtrack on Bandcamp! Go download it, buy it if you can, listen to the amazing music from both Joseph Herd and Maggie Carlson.

Other changes with this update:

  • Edits to Chapter 2 making it easier to navigate and read
  • Additional Chapter 2 content
  • Remastered sounds for the OST launch
  • New cover art!
  • New banner and page updates

I have to confess: I did the original cover art in an hour or so and never updated it because it was "good enough" and I had more important things to work on. Before submitting to IFcomp (which you can still play and rate our submission and others here) I was hoping I would have time to update the cover but it just never made it. Now that I finally had time to sink my teeth into it I feel much better about the result, and it more closely matches the brilliant work of Elsewence.

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Oct 11, 2021

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