Trapped at the bottom of Ganymede's ocean, beneath a thick layer of ice, your survey ship has crash landed. Your crew has begun to see things swimming out there in the dark, and no one has ever made if off Ganymede alive. What will you gamble with to save your crew? Will you become a friend of mermaids, or will you seek out other powers along the ocean floor? Dark secrets await beneath the ice. How deep will you go?

Created for IFcomp 2021, you can vote on this and other fantastic interactive fiction games here:

Download and listen to the original soundtrack on Bandcamp 

Written by Seth Paxton

Composed by Joseph Herd and Maggie Carlson | YouTube

Artwork by Elsewence and Seth Paxton

Written in Ink and using Howler.js

Install instructions

To play the IFcomp original submission (warts, bugs and all) download and unzip "mermaids_of_ganymede" which contains all the code and assets. Launch "index.html" in your web browser of choice.


Download 183 MB

Development log


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I think the save system doesn't work if you refresh the page or close the window - the "load" button is always grayed out after refreshing. This is on Firefox and Chrome on linux.

Thanks for the report! This game uses Ink's built-in save system, but I'll see if I can get an update to make it more robust. Keep an eye out for future updates in the devlog, and thank you for playing!