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Welcome to Mama Maggiano's Pizza Parlor,  where the fire demon in the oven is fired up to make pizzas with you. Meet the restaurant's regulars as you learn the ropes of making magical pizzas in a fast-paced card game. Talk to your coworkers during downtime and become friends across the cash register. Will you be able to hatch a plan to save the Pizza Parlor from getting shut down?

Listen to & Download the Original Soundtrack

WASD/Arrow Keys - Move around the Pizza Parlor
Mouse - Click to talk to folks and move cards
Esc - Exit the game

Alexis - Writing
Aria Jarvis - Character Sprites & Portraits
Cole Harmon - Music / SFX / Design
Dan Violet Sagmiller - Unity Dev
Seth Paxton - Narrative & Environmental Art

Built in Unity  
Written in Ink
Powered by FMOD
Using Teletactile Font
Voices SFX modified from sources on Splice.com


PizzaParlorPanic_v2.zip 36 MB

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